Washington University Contacts


Media Questions

Sue Killenberg McGinn
Executive Director of University News Service
Office: 314-935-5254
Cell: 314-603-6008

Julie Hail Flory
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Campus Communications
Office: 314-935-5408
Cell: 314-440-6304


Steve Givens
Chair of the Presidential Debate Steering Committee and
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Office of the
Office: 314-935-5127
Cell: 314-401-2072


Andrew Koch
Facility Manager, Athletics
Office: 314-935-4703
Cell: 217-494-1631


Robert Hall
Maintenance Operations Director, Facilities
Office: 314-935-6038
Cell: 314-795-0965

Rate Card Questions

Alan Kuebler
Associate Vice Chancellor, Resource Management
Office: 314-935-5727
Cell: 314-609-7803

Deborah Vasel
Accounting Manager, Accounting Services
Office: 314-935-5093
Cell: 314-550-2864
Rate card orders can be placed online

Looking for Volunteers?

Aimee Wittman
Director, Career Services
Office: 314-935-4435
Cell: 314-265-4011

Jennie Marchal
Associate Director, Employer Relations
Office: 314-935-8726
Cell: 314-537-4462
Volunteer requests can be placed online