Volunteer applications are now closed.

Volunteer Positions

Debate volunteers provide support in a number of key areas of the presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis. During previous debates, debate volunteers supported the work of the Commission on Presidential Debates, the media file center, the tour center, ticketing, and members of the national news media, as well as a number of WashU departments that support the debate.

Volunteers will be placed in positions based on each volunteer’s availability and the needs of the organizations for volunteers. A very limited number of volunteer positions will have access to the debate hall. Volunteers should not anticipate having access to the debate hall.

Volunteer Shifts

Debate volunteers may be needed as early as one week in advance of the debate. Volunteer shifts will depend upon the needs of the different organizations which request volunteer support, but a volunteer may expect to work a total of two to 20 hours, depending upon the work that needs to be accomplished.

Volunteers Assignments

Please note that all selected debate volunteers may not be assigned to a volunteer opportunity, although every effort will be made to ensure that each selected volunteer has a volunteer opportunity.

If you have questions about volunteering at the debate, please email debatevolunteer@wustl.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will volunteers have access to the debate hall?
A very limited number of volunteer positions will have access to the debate hall. Individuals interested in volunteering should not anticipate having access to the debate hall.

Can volunteers still be part of the ticket lottery?
Yes, volunteers can be part of the ticket lottery. Volunteers selected to receive tickets should notify their volunteer managers immediately to make other arrangements to cover volunteer needs.

What if I am selected to volunteer but am unable to fill my responsibilities?
If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer responsibilities, you should notify your volunteer manager immediately. You should indicate if you are no longer able to volunteer at all or just for a particular shift.

When will volunteers be needed?
Volunteers will be needed for several days leading up to the debate as well as the day of and the day following the debate. Scheduling of volunteers will begin several weeks prior to the debate and will continue on an as-needed basis throughout debate week.

When and how will I know if I have been selected as a volunteer?
Selected volunteers will receive an email notification to their @wustl.edu addresses during summer 2016.

How will my date of birth, Social Security number, gender, birth place, citizenship status and place of residence be used?
Washington University is required to conduct a background check on all volunteers. The selection committee will not have access to this information when making its decisions.