Public Expression Zone

We have designated a Public Expression Zone to promote the opportunity for the campus community and others to assemble peacefully and exercise freedom of speech while maintaining safety.

Making Public Statements

Washington University will make a sound system and stage available for those who wish to make public statements. To ensure that as many as possible of those who wish to make statements have opportunities to do so, speakers must register in advance and must adhere to a time-limited schedule. The university will determine the length of time available for each speaker based on the total number of requests received. The speaker schedule will be determined by lottery on a content neutral basis.

The deadline to submit a speaker permit application has passed.


The Public Expression Zone is at the southeast corner of Big Bend and Forsyth (commonly known as the softball or intramural field) on the Washington University campus. It is bordered by Big Bend on the west, Forsyth on the north, student housing on the south, and a fenced baseball field on the east. The site has a view of the debate venue and is also visible to the public from adjacent streets.

You may access the site from a gate adjacent to Big Bend between Forsyth and Shepley Drive. Reasonable accommodations will be provided for guests with mobility issues.

Lighting, portable toilets and sinks, and medical services will be available. Police officers will provide patrols of the site, ensure compliance with rules, and inspect packages.


The Public Expression Zone will be operational from 4 until 10 p.m. on October 9. You will be able to access the site beginning at 3:30 p.m.


4-4:20 p.m.
Group: Young Evangelicals for Climate Action
Speaker: Brittany Bennett

4:20-4:40 p.m.
Group: Green Party of the United States
Speaker: Jill Stein

4:40-5 p.m.
Group: Vote Libertarian
Speaker: Jonathan Dine

5-5:20 p.m.
Group: American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
Speaker: Allison Johnson

5:20-5:40 p.m.
Group: Show Me Trump Missouri
Speaker: Ben Murphy

5:40-6 p.m.
Group: St. Louis City Libertarians
Speaker: Jonathan Dine

6-6:20 p.m.
Group: American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
Speaker: Keith Whittemore

6:20-6:40 p.m.
Group: Gravois Township Republicans
Speaker: Jennifer Bird

6:40-7 p.m.
Group: American Federation of Government Employees Local, VA Locals 96 & 2192
Speaker: Michelle Barnard

7-7:20 p.m.
Group: John Campbell
Speaker: John Campbell

7:20-7:40 p.m.
Group: Dennis Michael Westbrook
Speaker: Dennis Michael Westbrook

7:40-8 p.m.
Group: Vote Libertarian
Speaker: Arvin Vohra

8-8:20 p.m.
Group: Vote Libertarian
Speaker: Jordan Husted

8:20-8:40 p.m.
Group: Kaitroy Hubbard
Speaker: Kaitroy Hubbard

8:40-9 p.m.
Group: Young Americans for Liberty
Speaker: Cisse Spragins

9-9:20 p.m.
Group: Defenders of the Unborn
Speaker: Mary Maschmeier


  • Everyone in the Public Expression Zone must comply with all Clayton Ordinances, including the Ordinance relating to parades and assemblies.
  • No one carrying prohibited items will be permitted into the Public Expression Zone. Any items brought into the area are subject to search.
  • No coolers, glass containers, animals, alcoholic beverages or any kind of amplification equipment will be permitted.
  • No balloons (filled with substances other than air), sleeping dragon devices or projectile launchers will be permitted.
  • No weapons — including paintball guns, water guns, Super-soakers, slingshots, air pistols, explosives, blasting caps, knives, hatchets, axes, blackjacks, metal knuckles, iron buckles, ax handles, chains, crowbars, hammers, shovels, clubs, bludgeons, mace or any other instrument used or intended for use as a dangerous weapon — will be permitted.
  • Signs and banners are permissible, but they may not be posted or attached to pickets or on fences. Signs must be constructed solely of cloth, paper or flexible cardboard no greater than one-quarter inch thick.
  • No use of drones for photography, filming or any other reason.
  • No climbing of fences, poles, trees or any other structures.

Group Gathering Areas

Large open areas will be defined within the Public Expression Zone for groups to gather without being required to mix with other groups. These areas, defined with vinyl construction fencing, are designed to protect the safety of individuals and their property. No tables or chairs, or additional furniture will be allowed to be brought into the Public Expression Zone.