Want selfies? 6 top debate-themed photo spots

The Danforth Campus has plenty of opportunities for students to get in on debate day fun.

The Danforth Campus has plenty of opportunities for students to get in on debate-themed fun.

Students who didn’t win the lottery for debate tickets or get credentialed to get near the Athletic Complex can still get in on plenty of debate fun today around campus. Here are the six spots for a debate-themed selfies:

Cardboard candidates. No, this isn’t a critique of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Actual, life-size cardboard cut-outs of the two candidates will be in the Mallinckrodt Center to help advertise the debate-watch party happening in Edison Theatre. Mallinckrodt Center outside of Edison Theatre, afternoon 

See history, C-SPAN. The C-SPAN Bus will be open during the Debate Fair from 3 -6  p.m. today. Located on Mudd Field, the bus is a great photo opp both inside and out. Mudd Field, outside all day; Interior 3-6 p.m.

Pop-up selfie booth. Though the Debate Fair is officially from 3 to 6 p.m., the social media pop-up tent will be open from 1 pm.- 6 p.m. The tent includes a selfie booth and plenty of crazy props from which to choose. Plus, images can be printed or texted to your phone. The booth is also has coveted debate swag and tasty treats (the cake pops are back!). Mudd Field 1 to 6 p.m.

Want to be on TV? Also sharing Mudd Field is Fox News, which has a live-broadcast studio set up. From the sidewalk by the DUC, you can get a shot of the WashU Banner, the Fox banners and the stage. Near Graham Chapel is the smaller set up for MSNBC.  Mudd Field and Graham Chapel, all day

The Quad like you’ve never seen it. CNN has taken over Brookings Quad, and that’s a good thing. Selfie and photo opportunities abound, including fun snaps of the larger-than-life countdown clock on Brookings Hall. While you’re on the east end of campus, get on a live broadcast by heading down the steps to the front of Brookings. Brookings Quadrangle and in front of Brookings steps, all day

The VOTE sign. Sure, the media and debate hoopla is fun, but it’s all a means to an end, getting people to vote. Register via Turbo Vote if that’s still something on your to-do list before next Wednesday (the last day to register to vote in November is Oct. 12.) And show your commitment to the democratic process by getting a selfie at the VOTE sign in front of The Women’s Building. Outside Women’s Building, all day