Student presidents share debate spotlight

From right: Graduate Professional Council President Haley Dolosic, Student Union President Kenneth Sng, Risa Zwerling and Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton greet presidential candidate Donald Trump before the 2016 presidential debate at Washington University. (Photo: Joe Angeles/Washington University)

As student presidents of SU and GPC, Kenneth Sng and Haley Dolosic enjoyed a few perks. But mostly the two worked tirelessly to help make the debate experience special for everyone.

Debate Fair offers more than fun and games

Student Union sponsored a Debate Fair, focusing on important issues this election cycle, registering students to vote and offering ice cream, a photo booth and more. (Photo: Jerry Naunheim Jr./Washington University)

Student programming culminated in a Debate Fair Sunday, Oct. 9. In addition to having fun, the focus was to engage students with issues surrounding the election and encourage them to vote.

Witnessing a ‘historic moment’

Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton welcomes participants of the presidential debate town hall to Washington University in St. Louis. (Photo: Joe Angeles/Washington University)

As the eyes of the world were focused on Washington University, here’s what one set of eyes inside the debate hall observed.

Winning the debate lottery

students celebrate at ticket lottery

On Sunday, the university was given 352 tickets by the Commission on Presidential Debates, and it distributed all of them to lucky students, who were selected via a lottery system.

It’s ‘game day’

The Bear Nation Varsity Band played the National Anthem to help kick off Sunday morning activities. (Photo: Jerry Naunheim/Washington University)

Washington University got a taste of game-day excitement when national media set up stages around campus, and student band members, cheerleaders and the Bear performed for morning crowds.

Engaging staff support

Members of the Facilities team are among the hundreds of university staff members who volunteer hours outside their normal responsibilities to help make the debate a success. (Photo: Washington University)

Staff volunteers are essential for successful debate operations. Whether it’s “another duty as assigned” or not, staff welcome the opportunity to contribute.

Ezra Klein: Look beyond Nov. 8

Ezra Klein addresses students in Graham Chapel.

No matter who wins Nov. 8, the next president will inherit a broken system of government. That was political journalist Ezra Klein’s sobering message to students in Graham Chapel Sept. 27.